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January RSC Minutes PDF icon rsc-minutes-jan-2017.pdf

January 2017 RSC Minutes

RSC Minutes May 2016 PDF icon agenda-may-2016-minutes.pdf

The agenda and minutes from 5/21 and 5/22/2016

January 2016 Microsoft Office document icon rsc-minutes-january-2016.doc
September 2015 Microsoft Office document icon september-rsc-minutes-2015.doc
January 2015 Microsoft Office document icon regional-minutes-january-20150.doc
June 2014 PDF icon june-2014-lonestarrscminutes.pdf
January 2014 PDF icon january-2014-lone-star-rsc-minutes.pdf
September 2013 PDF icon september-2013-lone-star-rsc-minutes.pdf
May 2013 PDF icon may-2013-rsc-minutes.pdf
January 2013 PDF icon january-2013-rsc-minutes.pdf


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Regional Assembly - CAR & CAT Eastside Group -February 10, 2018 PDF icon Regional Assembly - CAR & CAT Eastside Group -February 10, 2018, PDF icon regional-assembly.pdf
2016-2018 Issue Discussion Topics Package icon Atmosphere of Recovery in Service IDT, Package icon How to use "Guiding Principals" IDT, Package icon Guiding Principals IDT Traditions Notes, Package icon Applying Principals to Technology and Social Media IDT

Atmoshpere of Recovery in Service, How to use "Guiding Principals", Applying Principals to Technology and Social Media

2014-2016 Issue Discussion Topics PDF icon Group Support Session, PDF icon Group Support Handout, Package icon Group Support Powerpoint, PDF icon Planning Session Profile, Package icon Planning Session Powerpoint, PDF icon Welcoming Session Profile, PDF icon Welcoming Session Handout, Package icon Welcoming Session Powerpoint, PDF icon Role of Zones Workshop, PDF icon Role of Zones Worksheet, PDF icon Role of Zones Mind Map Handout

Group Support, Planning, Welcoming all Members, and Roles of Zones

Communicating w Drug Courts - Boston WWW Office presentation icon communicating-w-drug-courts-boston-www-2009.ppt
Oakland World Wide Workshop Office presentation icon Building Strong Groups, Office presentation icon Our Freedom, Office presentation icon Leadership
Regional Committee Member Workshop Office presentation icon regionalcommitteemember.ppt

Microsoft Powerpoint presentation for Regional Committee Member Workshop.

Building Stronger Home Groups PDF icon strongerhomegroups.pdf
Self Support WSC10 Package icon, PDF icon sessionsheetforself-support.pdf
Service System Materials PDF icon servicesystemsessiontwoquestions1and2.pdf, PDF icon servicesystemsessiontwoquestions3and4.pdf, PDF icon spservicesystemsessiontwonotesquestions1-2.pdf, Package icon
Regional Delegate as an Infromation Conduit Office presentation icon handouts-therdasaninformationconduit.ppt
The Importance of Scanning Office presentation icon handouts-theimportanceofscanning.ppt, Microsoft Office document icon areascanworksheettool.doc
Communication Facilitation Office presentation icon communication-facilitation0.ppt
In Times of Illness Package icon
Self-support IDT Package icon, Package icon
Group Service Representative PDF icon regional-gsr-workshop.pdf, Office presentation icon critical-link.ppt
Consensus - Based Decision Making PDF icon 2012deccbdmbasics.pdf
Disruptive & Violent Behavior PDF icon 2012jundisruptiveviolentbehavior.pdf
Meeting Chair Guide PDF icon meetingchairguidelines.pdf
Building Communication Package icon
Leadership Package icon